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"This website is devoted entirely to the medical school admission process and to giving you the information you need to help you gain admission into your choice of top med school programs."



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I've designed this site to help people get into medical school. If you look around, you'll find help with just about every aspect of the application process, which can be treacherous at times. This site should provide a good place for you to get started with the application process.


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Medical School Admissions

So you're interested in becoming a medical doctor? If you haven't yet applied to med school, then you will (hopefully) find Medical School Admission Dot Com very helpful.

Medical school application volume rose by 4.6% from 2004 to 2005. Figures for 2006 are expected to show that interest in medical education either held steady or increased yet again. As a result, an already competitive admissions process appears to be becoming even more competitive. But don't fear. We have information on many different aspects of the admission process including both the AMCAS and the MCAT that can help you along the way all the way to your USMLE.


What We Think You Should Know

Med school is not easy to get through, and the profession itself is definitely not for everyone. Think long and hard about becoming a doctor before you commit yourself to this career track. Being a doctor means making huge sacrifices, first in medical school and then later in your internship and residency.

Long shifts will be the norm not just during your training but throughout your career. Even when you're not working directly with patients, you will be spending a significant amount of time as a doctor reading and staying current in new medical techniques and research. The people who excel in medicine are those who are happy spending every waking moment thinking about it  and those are precisely the kind of people that medical schools are looking for.

People are only half-joking when they describe a medical career as a "jealous lover" who takes over the practitioner's life. Studies have found that doctors tend to have a very high divorce rate and, ironically, a relatively short life expectancy. That situation seems to be changing somewhat, precisely because the younger doctors coming into the
profession now insist on more work-life balance than their elders were willing to accept. Still, medicine is far more than a job. It takes as much dedication to thrive in a medical career as it does to get into medical school and to excel in medical training.

This website will help you get accepted into a med program, but we want to make sure you are aware of the downside and have given proper thought and consideration to these points. If you have not, you could end up unhappy with your choice of career path and you will have taken an opportunity to attend med school from someone else who has the devotion to the "jealous lover" and the dedication to become a good doctor.

Still Want to Be a Doctor?

Good! Read on and we wish you the best of luck with your medical school applications! 

1. Anatomy Made Easy System


Study And Exam Preparation Methods That Work. At Last! A Proven System That Slashes The Time You Spend Studying & Preparing For Exams.

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2. Dental Admission Test

A full-featured software program that actually prepares pre-dental students for the REAL THING. 840+ comprehensive questions covering ALL sections IN THE ACTUAL computerized DAT format.

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3. Physician Assistant School


Getting Into the PA School of Your Choice, 2/e is a precise blueprint that addresses every step of the application process, including what schools look for in an applicant, financial aid, Internet resources, and information on PA programs.

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4. Manual Internship Guide


this small pocket book contains all the essential information that interns need from day 1 on the wards, including ACLS algorithms, useful formulas, patient notes, top 10 workups, common calls/complaints, and common consultative questions in all subspecialties.

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